Inline skates can be very fast, depending on many factors.

Your skating ability and the size of wheels you use can all affect your speed.

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The wheel hardness and softness of the wheels, wind resistance, pavement quality, and bearing quality can make a difference.

But… How fast can you ride rollerblades?

This article answers this question and many more.

What is The Fastest Speed of Inline Skaters?

Average inline skaters can attain speeds hovering around 8mph-16mph.

On the other hand, the fastest inline skaters can maintain an average speed of 25mph.

Some speed skaters reach speeds of 40mph and even higher.

Some courses have posted speeds of 60 mph, but this is not the average speed skater.

Who is The Fastest Inline Skater in The World?

Inline skater Sandro Bovo was the fastest in February 2016.

According to Guinness World Records, Bovo holds the record for the fastest rollerblader globally.

The skating world was stunned when this athlete reached 77.47mph in Teutonia (Brazil). It’s 124.67 km/h!

Whenever my speedometer reads more than 120 km/h (roughly 75mph), I drive and cringe. This guy cruised at a staggering speed of 125km per hour.

It’s incredible, but it was true.

How Long Does it Take to Travel a Mile on Rollerblades?

This will depend on your speed and how consistent you are with it.

It will take you 6 minutes to go 1 mile if you are going at 10 mph.

Imagine if you travel at 5 miles an hour.

It will take you just 3 minutes to get to your 1-mile destination if you do this.

You can also skate faster at 12 mph for a shorter distance. It will take you 5 minutes to complete one mile.

Final analysis: How fast you can skate one mile is dependent on how consistent your rollerblading speed is.

How to Skate Really Fast on Rollerblades

Inline skaters require strong muscles and a few other factors to go faster.

You need to have a good skating technique, and your skates should also be well-designed or geared up for speed.

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You can speed up your skating technique by being able to sprint at the beginning of your session.

You can also perform crossovers like a professional to get out of corners like a bat.

Speed is also affected by the design of your boots (or how big your wheels are).

Large-diameter skate wheels can be a great way to speed up your skating abilities if you have strong legs and good skating skills.

So… What determines how fast inline skates can go?

In this post, I have mentioned speed-related factors in various places.

In this section, however, I want to be more specific about what determines skating speed.

Below are…

7 Factors that Affect the Speed of Your Inline Skates

  1. Number and size of the wheels
  2. Your skating ability
  3. Quality of bearings
  4. The quality of pavement
  5. Wheel durometer: Hardness vs. Softness
  6. Wind resistance
  7. The Surface gradient

Let’s now look at all 7 factors that affect inline skating speed.

1. Size and number of wheels on your skates

Fact: Rollerblades with larger diameters roll faster than those with smaller diameters.

Also, more wheels generally mean slower speed. This is because the larger the wheel diameter, the slower they will go.

You can read the following section to learn more about how the size of wheels affects skating speed and other aspects.

Speed skates are usually equipped with large wheels, often three.

2. Your inline skating ability

Inline skating is a science and art that can be made your rollerblades move very fast.

Learn as many techniques as possible to improve your skating speed.

If you feel the need, strength train and strengthen your body muscles.

Skater strength + skating ability = rolling speed.

3. Your Inline Skate Bearings’ Quality

Experts and gurus will tell you that bearing quality is the most important factor determining speed. This is incorrect.

While I agree that bearings can affect the smoothness of rolls and speed, they are not the most important.

In an ideal world, bearings with higher ABEC ratings would roll better and faster than bearings with lower ratings.

However, this is not always true in practice.

I have purchased ABEC 7 inline skating bearings that rolled just like ABEC 3.

I have also skewed ABEC 5 bearings which flew like A BEC7 options.

While everyone unanimously praises ceramic and Swiss-rated bearings, this is not everyone’s experience.

Buy high-quality bearings from respected skate brands like Bones, and then break them in.

Don’t buy the cheapest bearings.

Instead, choose an option that skaters are happy with.

Bones ABEC7 bearings are my favorite.

However, speed is more important than bearing quality.

4. The quality of the pavement

Another factor that affects your rolling speed is the quality of the pavement.

The rougher the pavement, generally speaking, the slower you will go.

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Although asphalt is an excellent surface for riding, fresh tar can make it sticky.

You will experience a slower speed if you ride your skates on a freshly paved road.

Be careful, Don’t fall off your skates, or you could end up in a crash.

5. Hardness vs. softness of your rollerblade wheels

The wheels that are harder roll faster than the softer wheels.

Durometers are used to indicate how hard or soft a wheel is. It ranges from 0 up to 100.

A wheel with a lower durometer number is more flexible than one with a higher value, and vice versa.

However, while harder wheels are faster than softer ones, they struggle with shock-absorption.

How hard would you consider a rollerblading wheel to be?

The right wheel durometer will vary depending on your personal preferences.

It is up to you and your preference which durometer you choose.

A durometer between 85A and 90A should be sufficient for most speed-lovers.

To find the best Duro spot, it’s a good idea to test various hardness and softness levels.

6. Wind resistance or drag

Winds were used by sailors to propel their ships forward.

The wind can be an extremely powerful force, especially when it works for you.

However, if the wind blows against you while you ride, you will experience drag or wind resistance. Wind resistance can slow you down.

On the other hand, wind resistance can be a great friend when it blows against your back. You’ll be able to go faster in this case.

Before you head out on the road, park, or trail, you should listen to the weatherman.

You should dress accordingly if it is going to be windy or cold.

You will also need to accept that you may travel slower than usual despite exerting the same push power.

7. Gradient or slope of the road/trail

Flatland skating is slower than downhill.

The steeper your surface, the faster you will go.

Remember that inline skating accidents most often occur downhill.

Take care while downhill rollerblading.

Small Rollerblade Wheels vs. Large Rollerblade Wheels

If speed is important to you, tall rollerblade wheels are better than smaller ones.

Rollerblades with 80mm wheels are not recommended for speed skaters.

You will be closer to the ground if you have smaller wheels.

This means that your center of gravity is lower.

A lower center of gravity means greater stability.

Acceleration is another aspect that makes smaller inline skate wheels more efficient than larger-diameter ones.

Smaller wheels provide greater acceleration than smaller-wheeled skates.

Additionally, smaller wheels are more maneuverable than larger wheels.

This is why street skaters and aggressive skaters prefer smaller wheels.

It is also the reverse. You will be higher above the ground if you have larger wheels.

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This means you will have less stability.

However, although larger wheels may compromise stability and maneuverability, they are more efficient in speed.

The wheels of some of the fastest inline skates are as big as 125mm.

The best rollerblades for rough roads are also some of the fastest ever made.

What is so Special About 3-Wheeled Inline Skates?

Inline skates with three wheels can go super fast.

The wheels are fewer, so the frame is usually shorter.

This means that the frame can be maneuvered more easily.

Three-wheeled skates also have larger wheels than 5-wheeled and 4-wheeled inline skates.

As mentioned above, larger wheels equal faster speed.

Speed skates typically have three wheels and can have wheels as high as 125mm.

3-wheel inline skates are three-wheeled, roll very quickly, turn easily, and are easier for you to maneuver or perform tricks.

However, These skates aren’t very stable.

You should wear proper skate gear before you put these boots on.

Because 3-wheeled rollerblades are not designed to roll, they fly!

How to Track Your Speed

There are many ways to track your speed if you care about it.

A stopwatch is one of the easiest ways to track your speed.

Start your watch, then start skating. You will see the time taken to complete each mile. You just need to take down the time.

You can also find fitness apps in the Apple Store and Play Store, or you can use GPS-based trackers.

These trackers and apps are useful for tracking time while cycling, skating, or doing other activities.

These apps allow you to save time on other activities to compare your current time. It is useful and helps you to track your goals.

Safety Tips

You shouldn’t be focusing on speed as a beginner.

Instead, focus on developing your skating skills.

You should strive to become a stronger, more skilled, and ultimately, an exceptional skater.

You are focusing too much on speed, and you will lose sight of your priorities.

Safety is your priority.

Speed is not an important element during the elementary phase.

It will be later in the learning process.

You can safely skate by using the correct safety gear.

Rollerblading is dangerous without the proper safety gear.

One simple slip can cause you to crash head-on against something or someone.


It is a great sport and a lot of fun. Although it has many health benefits, there are also some risks.

As we’ve explained, speed on roller blades is dependent on many factors.

We recommend that beginners learn to inline skate and not focus on speed.

This will help you become a better inline skater.

You can speed up once you are skilled at skating.


I will shared expert tips, tricks, and advice for those who love inline skate. I do sometime share unique selection of videos and photos that will inspire you to get out and skate!

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