Recently, I tried out in-line skating. After just a few days, I realized that my skate wheels were already worn out.

I noticed that my wheels needed to be rotated in a very short time.

Is this true for everybody?

Wheel Taper is a Sign That Your Wheels Are Wearing Out

This can happen in as little as six hours of skating. Your level of pronation and supination, the type of skating you do, and your wheels and surface, will determine how often your Wheels need to be rotated/replaced.

Initially, I thought I would have to rotate my skates every 5-10 hours.

However, I discovered that only my right-hand skate needed rotation.

This means that my skating form was responsible for the excessive wear.

There is more to it! Let’s get started.

Here Are The 6 Most Common Reasons For Wheel Wear

  1. How you turn and brake (and how often)
  2. Skating Surface
  3. Wheel Quality (urethane, hub)
  4. Skater weight
  5. Rotation frequency
  6. Skating Frequency

How to Rotate Rollerblade Wheels

Rotating your wheels is just like changing the tires on your car to prolong their life.

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Rotating your wheels will ensure that the wear pattern remains consistent.

This will prolong the wheel’s life and provide a smoother ride.

There are many ways to rotate your wheels. The following are proven and reliable for most skaters.

It’s best to inspect your wheels from the front. This area wears much faster than the rest and is often more noticeable. This is due to skating tendencies such as turning and stopping.

It depends on how often you skate.

You may want to swap wheels between the two skates.

If you have a three-wheeled skate, remove the front wheels and swap them with the center wheel on the opposite side.

Next, swap the back wheel for the other skate. Take your first two wheels on the left skate and swap them with your back two on the right skate for four-wheeled skates. Repeat for the other four wheels.

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You can wash your wheels if you want to do more than just rotate them. This will keep your bearings clear of dirt and buildup.

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Take the wheels off the frames. Then, set aside the bearings and the axles, don’t wash the axles or bearing.

To hand-wash the wheels, fill a container with warm water and dishwashing detergent.

After the wash of the wheels, use a towel to wipe them.

Be careful not to use too much water or allow the wheels to soak.

Otherwise, the urethane could get deformed.

Check Out This Video to See How He Rotates Rollerblade Wheels

When is the Right Time to Replace Your Wheels?

You should have replaced your wheels immediately if you notice chunks of urethane missing, cracks, or sharp tips in the center (typically due to wear on either one or both sides).

If you notice a decrease in performance, noise vibrations, or a less comfortable ride, it is time to replace your wheels.

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Most riders who have been riding for a while will only need to change one or two wheels. Skaters who are less experienced or don’t rotate their wheels often will need to change the entire set.

Find The Right Size of Rollerblade Wheel

Your skate’s frame will determine the size of your replacement wheel.

The maximum wheel size that can be mounted to a skate frame is usually listed on its side.

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If this information is unavailable, you can look up the specifications of your skate on the internet.

Be careful when buying new wheels.

A smaller wheel size could cause gaps in your frame, which can lodge rocks or other objects. This will make it difficult to skate or even dangerous, reducing brake functions.

Also, be careful when buying a larger wheel. A wheel larger than the recommended size on the frame may not allow you to spin freely.

How to Change/Remove Your Skate Wheels

  1. Use an Allen wrench to unscrew the axle bolts on the front wheel.
  2. Take the front wheel off the frame.
  3. Take the spacer and bearings off the wheel. All parts should be able to slide out together.
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  1. Install the bearings and spacer in the new wheel.
  2. Place the new wheel onto the frame of the wheel.
  3. Replace the axle and tighten it using the Allen wrench. The spacer made of aluminum should be tightened as much as possible. If you have a plastic spacer, tighten it as much as possible and loosen it slightly. To test how smoothly the wheel rolls, spin it. The axle should be loosened if the wheel doesn’t turn freely. Or, If the axle should be tightened if the wheel is wobbling.
  4. For the remaining wheels, repeat the steps.

I will shared expert tips, tricks, and advice for those who love inline skate. I do sometime share unique selection of videos and photos that will inspire you to get out and skate!

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