Have you ever wondered how to add rollerblading to Apple Watch?

It is for this reason that I have created this guide to assist you with the process.

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With its many health and social benefits, rollerblading is a fun and exciting sport both outdoors and indoors.

There are people who rollerblad for fitness reasons. There are those who participate for recreation, while there are those who participate for competitive purposes.

Whether you’re interested in fitness skating or not, tracking your progress is crucial.

In this way, you burn more calories while staying on track. It can be difficult when you’re using your Apple watch for the first time to track rollerblading.

There’s no need to stress over adding rollerblading to your Apple Watch. For this reason, I’ve created this guide. Now let’s get started!

Is it possible to add rollerblading to my Apple Watch?

First things first! Does the Apple watch support rollerblading? As a workout activity, rollerblading cannot be added directly to your Apple watch.

A workout activity, such as hiking, running, swimming, or cycling, is predetermined by an Apple Watch.

There is no way to include rollerblading in this campaign. Rollerblading can be tracked as an activity in other categories.

As soon as a rollerblading session is complete, you can save it as a skating session!

What you need to do to add rollerblading to your Apple Watch

Although rollerblading workouts cannot be added directly to Apple Watch, improvising is possible.

The only way you can add rollerblading workout activity to your apple watch is to treat it like any other activity.

Here’s how to do it step-by-step!

Step 1: Decide which version of Apple Watch you want

There are multiple versions of Apple Watch available on the market for you to choose from. The following versions are some of the most popular;

  • Apple watchOS 5
  • Apple watchOS 6
  • Apple watchOS 7
  • Apple watchOS 8

It doesn’t matter which version you are using, the steps remain the same.

There is no need to worry about having a specific version of Apple Watch.

Step 2: Connect the Apple Watch to your iPhone

If you want your Apple Watch to work properly, you should make sure you connect it to your iPhone first.

Getting your weight and height updated is important information, so you’d like to link the two devices together. To begin, open the Health app on your iPhone.

You can now update your weight, height, name, sex, blood type, and birth date by clicking the summary tab.

You can save this information by tapping Done when you are done. What is the importance of this? I’m sure you’re wondering.

The primary purpose of adding rollerblading to the Apple Watch is to keep track of your workouts.

In order to obtain accurate workout results like calories burned and heart rate, you need to update this information.

Your next step will be to update your goal (s) on your iPhone.

The primary goals of the exercise program include moving, exercising, and standing, but you can also add other objectives, such as cardio fitness, standing minutes, resting energy, active energy, exercise minutes, pushes, and standing hours.

To update your goals, click edit on the summary tab. The last step is to activate each activity or goal by tapping on the star symbol.

Step 3: Set up Rollerblading as a workout on the Apple Watch

Here’s where the fun comes in since it’s why we’re here in the first place. The Apple watch does not include rollerblading as part of its workouts, so adding it can be a bit intimidating.

In other words, rollerblading can only be added through the “others” category.

When your Apple watch is on, tap on the workout app. Scroll to others by using the digital crown.

If you prefer to use your fingers, you can do so. To begin rollerblading, simply tap it.

Step 4: Use Apple Watch to track rollerblading

Upon finishing rollerblading, tap on the option to “Name Workout.” Sliding appears among the activity labels.

Rollerblading is unfortunately not available, as we’ve already seen. Thus, skating is your closest option in this case.

Step 5: Review Your Workout Report

Your rollerblading workout summary can be viewed by tapping the activity tab on your apple watch. Use your fingers or the Digital Crown to scroll.

You should choose an option that is comfortable for you.

It is vital to have this information so you can measure your progress, especially when doing fitness rollerblading.

The workout summary feature can help you know how well you are doing on your goals.

That’s it! You’re done! It’s not difficult to add rollerblading to the Apple watch and track it as a workout.

It takes just five minutes to get set up following this five-step guide.

Few recommending apps for Rollerblades tracking

1. Inline Skating+


  • Inline Skating Specific Features: Yes
  • Fitness Device Required: Yes
  • Compatibility: Garmin Devices

In relation to rollerblading

The app is good for those who do not wish to specifically track their rollerblading movements. It allows you to check your stride rate, strides per second, and average stride length. You can also use this for skateboarding and hockey.

2. Fitbit App


  • Inline Skating Specific Features: No
  • Fitness Device Required: Yes
  • Compatibility: iOS, Android, and Fitness Trackers

Capabilities to track everything

If you want to track every move you make, your diet, and your sleep patterns, this app is a good choice for you. Although you cannot track inline skating specifically, but you can track it as biking or running.

Thus, you can track how many steps you take, how far you cover, how many calories you burn, etc. Over time, you will be able to view your daily performance and see how well you are doing. Rollerbladers who enjoy recreational skating will find the app useful.

3. Apple Watch Workout App


  • Inline Skating Specific Features: No
  • Fitness Device Required: Yes
  • Compatibility: iOS

A great tracking system

Rollerblading is not tracked explicitly in the app, but there are activities similar to rollerblading that can be tracked.

Furthermore, you can also track various biological systems while rollerblading, in addition to how far you are going and how fast you are going. It includes such things as heart rate, blood oxygen levels, and so forth.

So, if you want to keep track of what rollerblading is doing to your health and fitness, you can. Additionally, while you use the watch, it will continuously track your movements and habits.

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding adding rollerblading to the Apple Watch

1. Do you consider rollerblading to be HIIT?

When you cover a long distance within a short period of time, rollerblading is considered a high-intensity interval training workout (HIIT).

By doing this, you will generate a sufficient amount of energy for locomotion by involving all your body muscles, especially the core and glutes.

During the long distance, you burn many calories through aerobic respiration to generate energy.

2. Does rollerblading count as steps?

With the Fitbit app, rollerblading counts as steps. Despite the fact that you are only pushing and gliding on the skate surface, the distance you cover will be considered steps while skating.

3. Does the Apple watch support rollerblading workouts?

Rollerblading isn’t part of the workout activities on the Apple Watch. Alternatively, you can use skating.

As a workout on your Apple Watch, you can add rollerblading to others, but once you are done, you can save the session as skating.

Wrapping up Adding Rollerblading to Apple Watch

Still curious how to add rollerblading to an apple watch?

Unfortunately, an Apple Watch can’t be used for rollerblading directly.

However, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

You should instead add rollerblading to your Apple Watch using the other workout in the app.

As soon as your workout is over, you can save it as skating and analyze your performance. 


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