There are few things to remember when shopping for fitness.

inline skates: Choose a size that is at least one European or half-UK larger than your regular shoes; consider the size of the wheels. And decide if you want a hard boot or soft boot.

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These fitness skates can be used for workouts or recreational purposes. They offer smooth, easy rides and are great for everyday use.

They are known for being comfortable and well-fitted. You can use fitness inline skates for all ages, including children and the elderly.

Inline Skating Wheels For Fitness

1. Size of the wheel

The distance you want to run will determine the size of your wheel.

You should consider larger wheels for longer distances, such as a marathon or other long-distance training sessions.

You will be able to maintain your speed, making it easier to use less energy.

We recommend choosing a wheel diameter between 90 to 100 mm or even 110 mm.

You should choose smaller wheels for shorter distances, such as city skating.

You will find your skates easier to maneuver, and it will be easier to stop and turn.

We recommend choosing a wheel size between 80 and 84 mm for city skating.

2. Wheel durometer

An A is used to indicate the wheel durometer. The appropriate durometer for fitness inline skates is 78-85A.

  • The harder the wheels, the higher the A number.
  • The softer the wheels, the lower the A number.
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The wheel durometer impacts the life expectancy, grip, speed, and shock absorption effect of the wheels.

  • A softer wheel means better grip and shock absorption but a shorter life span and slower speed.
  • Longer life expectancy and faster speeds are associated with harder wheels but lower grip and shock absorption.


It is essential to treat your bearings properly for your skates to perform at their best.

This means:

  • Avoid moisture and water as much as you can.
  • Do not use dirt and sand.

It is better to buy from a well-respected brand than focus solely on the ABEC rating.

The quality of a bearing does not depend on ABEC alone but on several parameters.

An ABEC 5 bearing from one brand could have a better roll than ABEC7 bearings from another.

Boots and Liners

1. Soft Boot versus Hard Boot

It all depends on what you like.

  • Soft boots/shells are more comfortable and better breathable.
  • Hard-boot/shells are more stable and provide more control.

2. Liners

You can purchase an inner boot (or separate liner) for some skates to increase the comfort.

This is not usually necessary for fitness inline skates.

They are designed with a comfortable liner that provides high comfort, something they are well-known for.

However, an ill-fitting liner will result in an unsatisfying skate.

Below are the four most popular types of inline skating liners:

  • Standard – Made of foam materials, this model provides basic comfort and padding for your feet. This skate is great for beginners just starting out and will allow them to upgrade their skills.
  • Auto-Fit – These pads are gels that mold to the shape of your feet when you wear your skates. Auto-fit liners offer more support and comfort than standard liners.
  • Memory Fit – This is similar to the gel/pad Auto-Fit liner. The difference lies in the liner’s ability to remember your foot patterns and contour them. As you wear the gels and pad, they will continue to mold to your feet.
  • Heat Moldable – Liners can be removed and heated (do NOT attempt this at home, consult a professional skate shop). The warm liners can be placed on your feet once heated. They will mold to your foot as the liners cool down and re-harden.

Inline Skates For Men And Women

Although inline skaters can be separated into men’s and women’s models, there is usually no difference other than the visual design.

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However, some brands have created models specifically for men’s and women’s feet.

Size and Fit

  • If possible, always read the size guide on the product pages.
  • Please choose approximately. UNLESS OTHERWISE INDICATED IN THE SIZE GUIDE, one EU size larger than your usual shoe size.
  • Try the skates for approximately. 10-15 minutes. You can only test them indoors if you wish to return them.

Your toes should be able to move a little.

The skate’s nose should not be touched by your toes.

Inline skates that are too tight from the start will cause discomfort when you take off for a longer run.

Remember that boots expand over time and that a soft boot will expand faster than a hard boot.

K2 skates are more comfortable for those with narrow feet than others. People with larger feet prefer brands such as Powerslide and Rollerblade.

Because every person is different, the fit of an inline skate will vary. You should always try on the skates before you buy them.

Closure System – Buckles and Laces

Inline fitness skates often have both buckles and laces.

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Some models have an extra wire tightening system that tightens the skates as you turn the knob.

Buckles are quicker than laces, and you can get the same fit every time.

Laces can be adjusted to fit different feet, but you cannot tighten them as fast with buckles.

It is up to you to decide which closure system you prefer.

You should select the right size pair of Inline skates for you to have full control over them.


Many skates have a pre-mounted brake. If you prefer to brake with your other foot, you can swap it for another skate.

We recommend purchasing an additional pair of brakes from the beginning, as they are a wearable part that will eventually wear down.

This ensures you have an always-available pair and prevents you from losing a brake.

However, brakes made by recognized brands are usually available for long periods for the same model.


An aluminum frame is used for fitness inline skates.

It is stronger and more stable than a nylon/composite frame, which provides better power transfer.

An aluminum frame is better if you are trying to reduce lap time.

It doesn’t matter what inline skate you choose if your sole purpose is to wear them for comfort rides and workouts.

Skate Protection

Always use certified safety equipment.

Equipment that is certified to EN 1078 standards will be preferred.

We recommend that you use a skate helmet as a minimum.

It provides additional protection for the back of your head.

Skate protection protects you and provides you with a sense of safety that will encourage you to do more and learn faster.

Even if you did fall, your safety gear would still protect you.


I will shared expert tips, tricks, and advice for those who love inline skate. I do sometime share unique selection of videos and photos that will inspire you to get out and skate!

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