The rollerblading activity keeps you entertained and fit.

Still, for you to enjoy it for a long time, your skates need to be comfortable.

Rollerblades have become increasingly popular over the past couple of decades.

Suppose you have just purchased a set of rollerblades.

In that case, you’ll probably wonder how to break them in to ensure that they are as comfortable as possible.

6 Way of Breaking in on rollerblades

Rollerblades should be as comfortable for you as possible so that you do not get blisters after 30 minutes of using them and putting them back into their box.

Is there a way to break in your rollerblades? Take these steps to make skating fun and comfortable.

  • Heat Molding
  • Lacing
  • Condition
  • Wear Frequently
  • Flexible Movements
  • Proper Fit and Sizing

1. Heat Molding

It is best to mold your rollerblade boots to fit your feet to make them comfortable.

The rollerblades of the same brand that come in a certain size are almost identical.

The only thing that differs is the sets of feet. You can have a highly comfortable skating experience by applying heat and molding your boot according to your feet.

It is common to find heat molding ovens at good skate shops where you can heat mold your new rollerblade boots. Especially if you’re new to rollerblading, having a professional do it for you is great.

However, you can heat mold your boots at home on your own.

Heat molding boots with a hairdryer: Skate shops use special ovens and skills to heat mold boots. Rather than baking them in the oven, you can do it at home in a safer way (fewer chances of roasting your boots). Make sure to follow these steps carefully for heat molding without overheating (or burning) your skate boots.

  1. The skate boots should be heated evenly in all directions with the help of a hairdryer. Avoid overheating your shoes to avoid burning them. In addition, if you hover over leather, your skin could quickly crack or burn.
  2. Place your feet inside warm boots after putting on socks (that you normally wear with rollerblades).
  3. You need to make sure you lace up the boots and wear them for about ten to fifteen minutes until they start to cool off and, therefore, start to take shape on your feet. In order to ensure your skate boot takes the exact shape of your feet, skate around the house with warm boots on for 15 minutes.
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The oven method: Although it is a bit riskier than the hairdryer method, many skaters use their ovens to make their rollerblades more comfortable. Here’s how to do that.

  1. The oven should be preheated to 79 degrees Centigrade/ Celcius before being turned off (you’re not baking a cake, so make sure it’s completely off before you put in your skate boots). If your boots are exposed to a high temperature, they may be permanently damaged.
  2. Let your boots sit in the oven for 15 to 20 minutes now.
  3. The boots should be carefully removed and cooled a bit after being removed. It would be best not to put your feet into them immediately; instead, check with your hands whether it has a warm enough temperature for molding but not too hot to burn you.
  4. Allow 24 hours for them to cool and adjust after lacing up.
  5. Put these skates on and see how they feel. If you have tried your skates and found them to cause blisters and pain after a couple of rounds, this method is especially useful for you.

Do not go beyond 20 minutes in the oven. If you are in a hurry, do not increase the heat to decrease the heating time.

The result may be permanent damage to your boots. You should also avoid baking your skate boots too often (no more than three times), as constant baking will permanently damage them.

2. Lacing

Your rollerblades can be made more comfortable by playing with the lacing technique. To ease the stiffness of your new skates, try these steps:

  1. Putting on your skate boots and lacing them up is the first step. Tie up the laces loosely and skip the two holes at the top.
  2. After that, skate for about four to six hours.
  3. The second time you skate, lace-up until the top hole and skip the top hole.
  4. Once again, skate for 4 to 6 hours.
  5. For the third session, lace your stakes up to the very top. Get on the skates again. By doing so, you can improve the comfort of your stiff boots without compromising ankle support.
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3. Condition

Applying a leather conditioner to your rollerblade boots will soften the stiff leather. In order to do so:

  1. Leather conditioners can be purchased for $20 to $40 (it is not very expensive). To make it easier to apply it, remove the laces.
  2. The conditioner should be applied with a soft cloth to any areas of your boots that are too tight or uncomfortable to wear.
  3. As soon as you have applied it to all stiff areas, bend the leather backward and forward in order to break the stiffness.
  4. Try it out once and see how the boots feel. You should repeat this process three to four times to ensure that it is completely softened.

4. Wear Frequently

For your skates to break in properly, you should wear them as often as you can. The more you skate with them, the more they will adjust to your feet’s shapes and your skating motion.

Initially, if they feel very stiff, start with a smaller skating session and gradually increase the time. As with old shoes or jeans, as they wear and age, they become more comfortable to wear.

It is not uncommon for skaters to use their rollerblades for long periods of time even while not skating – for example, while watching TV or reading a book.

In spite of the discomfort, you may experience at the beginning, your feet and boots will get used to one another over time. Afterward, skating sessions will be more comfortable.

5. Flexible Movements

You can greatly affect the comfort level of your rollerblades by how often and for how long you use them. With more skating, your boots will adapt to your shape and structure better.

Get your knees and ankles bent by practicing different movements. Moreover, you can also get different levels of flexibility by changing the lacing styles.

In the beginning, deep curving motions may feel uncomfortable, but they will help you break into your rollerblades.

Therefore, your inflexible leather skin will loosen up as you move and maneuver, and before you know it, you can rollerblade for hours without feeling any pain.

6. Proper Fit and Sizing

Regardless of how often you use your Rollerblades, they won’t wear properly if the fit isn’t right.

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Before you buy a new pair of shoes, it is important to have your feet sized by a representative at a sporting goods store.

You should have a snug fit in your rollerblades. In general, if your toes are curled at the ends, your blades are too small. The blades are too large if you can wiggle your toes freely.

The size of the skates is the same as street sizing, but the fit is different. For the right amount of snugness, look for a tighter fit.

In what amount of time does it take to break in a pair of skates?

Skaters everywhere know the drill. When your skates start to feel a little tight, and you notice that they’re starting to crack, it’s time to break them in.

But just how long does it take to break in skates?

And is there a trick to speeding up the process?

According to SkateOne, breaking in skates takes anywhere from 10-14 days.

However, some people believe that Breaking In Skates Faster is possible by using a certain type of skate oil or even soaking the skates for a period of time before skating.

Most skaters tend to use a skate oil called “Kepr” when breaking in their skates. This product is intended for use on hockey skates, so it s not recommended for rollerblades. 

If necessary, wear thick socks and add more padding

When it comes to foot health, it’s important to wear thick socks and add more padding if necessary. Not only will this help prevent blisters and other foot problems, but it can also keep your feet warm in the winter.

Not all socks are the same, so it’s helpful to have a few good pairs in your sock drawer. Adding some compression socks to your everyday sock rotation can also help reduce foot pain and promote better circulation.

The best socks have fibers woven together to create a dense yet comfortable fabric. They should also be made with cotton or polyester and have a tightly woven toe and heel.

In general, the thicker the sock, the better it is for your feet. 


Don’t let stiff boots stop you from enjoying rollerblading if you feel uncomfortable in your rollerblades.

By following the above techniques, you will be able to make your rollerblades as comfortable as possible.

Let us know what you think of them after you try them!


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