Roller skating is more than a milestone in childhood.

It’s also a great way to get into adulthood.

It’s a fun and healthy way to get some exercise into your daily life.


Once you’ve mastered the basics and feel confident with your skates, it might be time to improve your skating skills.

You can start with a few simple tricks, such as skating backward, gliding on one leg, and spinning.

Here, we’ll show you some tricks and tips to help you learn to spin on rollerblades.

You’ll soon be spinning like a pro and impressing your friends at the skating rink.

1. Find a place where you can spin on your rollerblades

First, choose where you want to practice.

You need a flat surface that is free of holes and uneven areas.

My garage was my learning space, but you can also use whatever space you prefer.

2. Draw a square on the ground and stand on it

You can use chalk or any other material to draw a square onto the surface.

This will allow you to keep within the boundaries of your spinning area so you don’t get lost.

Keep in mind that you will be spinning at exactly the same spot.

Next, place your feet on the two sides of the square.

Then, you can assume a natural skating position.

Keep your head up with your stomach in, shoulders down, your knees bent, and your core strong.

3. Know the Two Parts of a Rollerblade spin

There are two main parts to spinning on rollerblades.

The first involves lifting one’s heel and the second part involves lifting the toes of the other.

These two steps are not to be performed separately.

It is necessary to be able to perform both parts simultaneously while turning around.

This is why this little exercise can be so difficult.

Now, raise the heel of your skates and maintain perfect balance.

While you are doing this, lift the other skate’s toe.

Although it may seem difficult to perform these two actions simultaneously, you should persevere.

Continue practicing the dual movement until you feel comfortable.

4. Now, Start Doing Quarter Turns

Ok, you can now lift one heel and simultaneously lift the toes on the other skate without difficulty.

Now you’re ready for inline skating spinning.

Now we have to tackle the tricky part of rollerblade spinning — turning while lifting one’s heel and the other’s toe.

If you’ve been practicing inline skating for a whilea while and have mastered the basics, turning a quarter shouldn’t be difficult.

Here’s the deal: practice the quarter turn until it becomes a habit. It took me around 30 minutes to get down. However, I am not the most kinesthetically smart person I know. As you practice the quarter turn, land back on your square edges.

5. Practice of Turning Around Halfway

Half turns can be done once you are comfortable with 90-degree turns.

The 180-degree turn mechanics are exactly the same as quarter turns.

Practice this half-spin until it becomes effortless.

This move can take some time to master.

No one ever learns complicated rollerblading tricks in a matter of minutes.

Inline skating is a sport that requires months or years of practice.

Even the best rollerblades are constantly learning and mastering new moves.

Double down on your practice until you are as proficient as possible.

6. Do the first full spin on your rollerblades

At this point, you can continue practicing and doing a full spin until it feels like normal blading.

You won’t be the best spin master in just a few sessions.

You’ll improve if you keep practicing, and you’ll soon be able to perform the amazing spins that seasoned skaters do effortlessly.

Always wear both a helmet and protective pads

Even professional-level rollerbladers fall when they are doing normal skating.

So, helmet up.

You must make sure that it is a certified helmet for rollerblading.

Also, Don’t forget to pad up.

Video tutorial on how to spin on inline skates or rollerblades

Final Word on How to do spins on rollerblades

It can be difficult to master the art of rollerblade spins.

So It is important to master the technique and remain persistent.

If you do these two things, you will progressively become someone that everyone loves to watch as you perform your wizardly.

You could end up with a serious fall if you just start to do these spinning tricks.

So, Protective pads and a brain bucket are essential.


I will shared expert tips, tricks, and advice for those who love inline skate. I do sometime share unique selection of videos and photos that will inspire you to get out and skate!

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