Every athlete or sports enthusiast will have a lot of old sports gear. 

Since I began rollerblading, I’ve had a whole collection of rollerblades.

Sometimes I wonder if they can be put to good use instead of being an antique in my own collection. 

I decided to search the internet to find out how I could use my old gear for sport.

It was amazing to me how inventive people can be with old rollerblade wheels. 

I also have many great ideas for how to use my old rollerblade wheel and I will share them with you in this article. 

Let’s get rolling and discover some amazing ways to use old rollerblade tires.

Perhaps You Could Give it Away to People in Need of Your Rollerblades and Gear?

It was my observation that many people don’t have the money or desire to spend more to learn the sport.

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Although it is always a good idea for you to donate your old gear to someone in dire need, sometimes the equipment may not be in their best condition.

You Can Sell Your Used Rollerblades

Old rollerblade: You can post these for free on sites such as providence.craigslist.org or freecycle.org, donate them to organizations that might need sports equipment, or take a trip to a resale shop

Using Rollerblade Wheels in Skateboard

Here’s one thing you can do to your old rollerblade wheels, before they become too damaged or worn out. 

You can put them on your skateboard, and you can start rolling down the streets. 

Metal wheels can be taken from old skates and used to make handmade skateboards. 

Old rollerblade wheels in good condition can be reused.

Use Old Rollerblade Wheels For Home Decor and Furnishing

It is a great idea to recycle old rollerblade wheel sets by adding them to an old dresser, or side table. It is a great way to kill two birds with one stone

. You can use your beloved rollerblade wheels, and you also get a table with wheels for ease of relocation and placement.

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You need to replace the wheels on your tables, dressers, and cabinets every once in a while.

So, if you find that one of the wheels is worn out, grab a pair of old rollerblades wheels and get them off the furniture.

You can also make some DIY projects with your old rollerblade wheels if they are clean. 

You could use them to make doorknobs or cabinets for your home. 

You can also make a DIY coatrack with the wheels as studs. 

It’s a wonderful room decor idea for someone who is passionate about rollerblading, or a gear junkie such as me. Isn’t it?

If you’re into gardening, the wheels can be attached to the vehicle to make a cart or small trolley for moving heavy pots or other items around the garden.

You can also attach the trucks to your old wheels to make a drawer pull handle. Keep the trucks, wheels, bearings, and rusty but strong lock nuts. You will end up with cool drawer handles.

Recycle Old Rollerblade Wheels

Take up a green initiative by donating your old rollerblade wheel to recycling programs such as the one started by Satori wheels. 

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They will take your old rollerblade wheel and recycle it into a new set.

Sounds pretty simple but with this very small step you can play your part in reducing the junk in the landfills and getting the surroundings more environment-friendly.

Many rollerblade wheels are made of urethane or polyurethane. This makes it difficult to recycle them. 

When heated, the various chemicals in urethane form bonds. Recycling is expensive and therefore rare. Most of the wheels end up in the dumpsters.

It is more affordable to make new wheels using a fresh supply of urethane than to recycle, so companies resist the temptation to do this. 

Some companies are recycling their rollerblade wheels in an effort to reduce landfill waste and be eco-friendly. 

Many recycling programs allow you to either leave the bearings in the bins with paper bags, or drop them off at your local scrap yard.

Keeping your wheels in good condition is the best and most efficient way to preserve them. 

To prevent premature wear from uneven use, wheel rotation is a great idea.


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