Is it possible to rollerblade on the road?

technically, you can rollerblade on the road. However, due to high traffic and bumps on the road, it can sometimes be unsafe to do so on the road. However, Roads with fewer traffic and smoother surfaces are always safer and preferred for skating. 

There are many other problems you might face when skating on the road, since it is totally different from skating in a park, since in the park, the surface is very smooth.

Whenever you rollerblade on the road, you will encounter rough surfaces, small rocks, bumps, vehicles, people, etc.

How to rollerblade on the Road

There is nothing more thrilling than rollerblading on the road. However, your safety should always come first. Here are some tips for rollerblading on the road. Let’s get started!

1. Keep to the right side of the road

Depending on your country, the right side of the road can be either the left side or the right side. In the US, you should use the right side, while in the UK, you should use the left side.

In other words, you shouldn’t skate in the opposite direction of traffic. Consequently, you will be less likely to get hit due to unnecessary confusion as a result.

2. Be sure to use proper skating technique

In order to skate properly, what techniques should you use? I’m sure you’re wondering. A proper skating technique involves bending low in order to distribute weight evenly. It’s crucial for stability while cruising on your wheels.

It is also critical for you to learn how to stop when rollerblading in order to save your life. You can stop rollerblading by using the following techniques;

  • Toe brake
  • Plow stop
  • T-stop

3. Make sure you wear protective gear

It is recommended that you wear protective gear whenever you go rollerblading, not just on the road.

Protective gear is mandatory for rollerblading, including helmets, elbow pads, wrist guards, knee pads, and shin guards.

4. Don’t distract yourself with unnecessary music

Jamming to your favorite music playlist while rollerblading is fun and exciting. However, putting your life at risk is not worth it.

While skating, you may be distracted by headphones and earphones, especially if the volume is turned up high. Thus, you may not hear the hooting car’s warning sound. As a result, you might get hit while skating.

It’s best to keep them away while skating on busy roads. It’s all for your safety, so please take it seriously!

5. Make sure you follow traffic rules

It is important to follow traffic rules to avoid getting into trouble. Since you should be using the same side as cars on the road, it’s also necessary to abide by traffic rules.

This means stopping at red lights and moving when they go green. You must also follow the rules and regulations set by the transport authorities in your country when it comes to traffic.

6. Don’t wear clothes that are too dark

While rollerblading on the road, you should also wear bright clothing. By doing this, you will be more noticeable to other road users, preventing accidents from happening.

Yellow, orange, red, and green are examples of bright-colored clothes. The same principle applies to wearing a reflector.

7. Keep a whistle with you

It is necessary to use a whistle to alert other road users such as pedestrians, cyclists, and motorcyclists. Without one, warning road users can be a hassle, especially when rolling fast.

9. Keeping your speed under control

It’s always a good idea to take other road users and your own safety into account when roller skating fast. In most cases, you don’t want to skate fast unless you have to.

Furthermore, one must master rolleblading techniques to skate fast. Using a quick stop in an emergency situation is a great example.

In some cases, it is not possible to stop quickly, and you may be injured in a deadly accident. To prevent such accidents, rollerblades at a moderate speed are the most effective approach.

10. Make sure your rollerblades are in the right condition

It is also important to wear the right rolleblading shoes when rolling blades. It should fit properly and not be too tight or too loose.

Having too tight rollerblades can hurt your feet and ankles. In contrast, too loose rollerblades cause pronation and supination.

Additionally, if you skate fast, your feet may come out of your rollerblades. You don’t want that to happen. Do you?

11. Skate with your knees bent

On the sidewalks and roads, there are many cracks and small rocks. You will need to go faster on these cracks so you can float right over them. Furthermore, you can easily cross them by bending your knees. In this way, it becomes much easier.

You must, however, make sure you do not go slowly. If you go slow, the cracks will catch your wheels and you’ll get stuck.

Here are 3 reasons you shouldn’t rollerblade on the road

It’s possible to rollerblade on the road, but sometimes it’s not a good idea! Here are some reasons why rolling on the road may not be a good idea.

1. Traffic is busy

There are some roads that can be busy due to the type of traffic they carry. Highways, for example, are busier and more dangerous than neighborhood access roads.

If you are not a pro yet, rollerblading on the highway puts your life at risk! In the worst case scenario, you would be involved in a road accident.

It is for this reason that you should avoid busy roads like highways. Whenever possible, choose access roads with minimal traffic in your neighborhood if you really need to rollerblades on the road.

2. Unfriendly Skating Surfaces

There are some roads that are smooth and in perfect condition, but it’s not the same for all roads. Generally, poor quality roads have portholes, rocks, cracks, sand, and soil.

A smooth rollerblading surface should be free of these obstructions. In such roads, you run the risk of tripping, putting your life at risk.

Moreover, you’ll be using more energy to push and glide, which can make you tired easily.

3. There are bylaws that prohibit rollerblading on public roads

There are some cities, towns, and municipalities that take rolleblading and other skating disciplines seriously. Their bylaws specify how skating activities within their jurisdictions will be controlled so that skaters’ safety can be ensured.

If you break any of the bylaws, you may receive a fine or lose your rollerblades. But Most of times, when you are found in violation of rollerblading bylaws, you will get a first warning.

A second or third offense could result in a fine or the loss of your rollerblades. So make sure you know your city’s or town’s rollerblading bylaws before heading out.

Choosing The Right Type Of Rollerblade Wheels

1. Durometer rating

Rolling wheels are rated from 74A to 105A on an A scale. Wheels with a lower A rating are softer, while wheels with a higher A rating are harder.

You should choose wheels that have a balance of Durometer ratings, meaning they should not be too high or too low.

It is because you need both hard and soft wheels. While soft wheels absorb shock and provide surface grip, hard wheels are durable and sturdier.

A good wheel for outdoor use should be able to combine the best qualities of both soft and hard.

Size and Diameter

Your rollerblading speed and comfort are directly related to the wheel diameter. If you want to control your speed, you should choose small wheels, and if you want to go fast, you should choose large wheels.


Whenever you rollerblade on a road, make sure there aren’t too many vehicles or people moving, and that the road does not have any pits. (For people in the US, roll on the right) and if you have never skated before, learn it at a park before attempting public roads.

For those who are still afraid of skating on roads, parks are always a good choice.


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